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The Achievers platform has built-in tools that provide access for members with disabilities to view and navigate content on our desk top application.

The program is compliant with aspects of WCAG 2.0, with the objective of becoming Level AA compliant. WCAG 2.0 techniques can be used to unambiguously meet every one of the Section 508 guidelines.

The Achievers platform supports the following features:

  • Navigation assistant – For people who rely on screen readers or keyboard shortcuts to get around the platform.
  • High contrast visibility – For people with certain vision impairments to help view content with less eye strain. 
  • Dyslexie font – This font is specially designed for people with dyslexia, to make reading easier.

Navigation Assistant

Navigation assistant is a tool for people who rely on screen readers or keyboard shortcuts to get around the platform. If you use a screen reader, navigation assistant is always the first element on the main page, even when it cannot be seen usually.

To open the navigation assistant, press Alt and / (forward slash) from the main page of the platform. On a Mac, press either Alt or Option and / (forward slash). You can then Tab to move focus from your browser toolbar to the webpage.Moving around in navigation assistant

Moving around in navigation assistant

Navigation assistant is a menu bar that contains three menus:

  • Sections of this page
  • Sections of this site
  • Accessibility Help

To move between the menus in the menu bar, use Tab.

To open a menu, press Enter or Return.

To move within a menu, use the up and down arrow keys.

Using Sections of this page

The Sections of this page menu lists the landmark regions that are on the page. The main landing page on your Achievers platform is divided into large sections called sections. For example, if you’re on your User Profile, the section includes your name and profile picture.

Other sections you can find under Sections of this page are:

  • Account links
  • Top navigation bar 
  • User Profile
  • Points
  • Side navigation bar
  • Newsfeed
  • Create a recognition

To move your keyboard focus to one of the sections in the menu, press enter or return.

Using Sections of this site

The Sections of this site menu lists pages outside of your home page and Newsfeed. Some examples of pages you may find under this menu are Recognize and Shop. To move your keyboard focus to one of the pages in the menu, press Enter.

Using Accessibility Help

Accessibility Help lists other accessibility resources on the Achievers platform. These include:

  • High contrast style
  • Dyslexie font

High contrast visibility

If it’s hard to read text on the screen because you need more contrast, you can turn on high contrast visibility mode.

To turn on or off high contrast, select High Contrast Style from the Accessibility Help menu.

Dyslexie font

The Dyslexie font is specially designed for people with dyslexia to make reading easier. In the Dyslexie font, every letter is uniquely shaped, eliminating the common reading errors of dyslexia.

To turn on or off the Dyslexie font, select Dyslexie Font from the Accessibility Help menu.


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